Core Values

“My mission is to inspire, support, and guide you towards experiencing physical, emotional, mental, and energetic freedom, whilst creating fertile ground to help you nourish the seed of your highest experiences of health and well-being.” ~Amanda Patti

1 – Curiosity

Curiosity is the art of becoming infinitely curious in getting to know yourself, others around you, and your environment. It is a willingness to ask oneself the challenging questions, in being interested in who you are and why you perceive yourself to be the way you are, without judgement. It is a practice of self-acceptance built on self-discovery and growth.

2 – Courage

“The English word courage comes from the French couer or ‘heart.’ The Sanskrit word for courage is saurya, which has the same root as the Sanskrit word for ‘sun’…courage comes from the very center of being, the heart, the organ that most directly resounds with the pulsation of life.” ~ Sally Kempton

It is through the realization of the courage already present within us that we are able to see through and make it through the dark, nourishing mud that we may find ourselves in on this path. It is courage that gives us the strength to embrace our internal darkness, our buried griefs, our hidden emotional poisons and bring them to light through the light of awareness.

3 – Re-balancing

Re-balancing is the act of constantly bringing oneself towards balance or equilibrium – a state which we never really reach, but are always moving within and around. Just as the act of balancing a handstand is a constant art of re-balancing, the art of living ones life is an art of re-balancing, of tuning into the pulsations and signals of when and where we are out of balance and actively re-balancing them.

4 – Personal Growth

Being human is an art. It is an art that invites us to learn how to accept the parts of ourselves that we feel we cannot accept. It is an art that invites us to dive deeply into our own inner trenches so that we may discover the light that is already present within us. It is an art that encourages us to grow and discover who we really are so that we may live this life from a place of love, of knowing, of self-fulfillment and self-expression where all you say and do is a masterful, ever-changing expression of who you perceive yourself to be in that moment.

5 – Movement

“Movement is an outer expression of your inner world.”

We need to move. We need to move our bodies. We need to allow our emotions to move through us (after all, emotion is energy in motion). We need to be able to truly give ourselves permission to express ourselves beyond fear, beyond doubt, beyond toxic guilt and shame. When we do not move, when we do not flow, we become constipated physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Movement is an opportunity to become still so that we may hear, feel, and see the movement that is occurring within us, to have the courage to call forth our inner truth seekers, our inner warriors, and our inner sages to explore the parts of ourselves that are stagnant and not flowing.

6 – Trust

Trust is the conduit through which we support each other and ourselves, tangibly (through the exchange of goods and services) and intangibly (through shared experiences, emotions). If we work with each other, you are placing your trust in me to honor, respect, understand, and acknowledge your unique journey — where you have been, where you are here and now, and where you are going. You are also placing your trust in me to guide you to trust yourself, your intuition, your unique blueprint of who you are. This is not something I take lightly, and neither should you.

7 – Community

Community is the place of sharing, where we come together through similar, yet unique, expressions of our travels on this adventurous path. It is a place to connect with other human beings who have been there, who are going through the same muck you are, and to know that you are not alone. We are all infinitely and intimately connected to each other, to the environment, and to this flying spaceship of a planet we call “home.”

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