Movement Teaching

Are you tired of going to the gym and going through the motions of working out? Have you been practicing yoga and feeling like there’s something missing? Do you have a busy schedule and want to fit movement in to your day but don’t know how? Are you recovering from niggling injuries and wonder why they’re not going away? Do you want to find a way to move and improve your health in a way that works for you?

Experience resolution of niggling injuries, increased body awareness, a more balanced approach to training (no expensive gym membership required), plus a deeper connection to, and understanding of, your body.

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I have been seeing Amanda for almost a year. I came to her discouraged, with shifting pain/aching that my more traditional physical therapist couldn’t stabilize. He actually referred me to Amanda. Since that first visit, I feel I have gotten a handle on some of my triggers and I feel extremely hopeful. I feel that my body is more flexible, my core is working better, and my breathing is deeper…Personally, I find Amanda to be extremely patient, gracious, accepting, curious, and non-judgmental. She is some sort of genius for figuring out a customized activity to promote my well-being.” ~Sharyn L.

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Before Diving in…

Amanda believes in your exploring movements that support you, who you are and perceive yourself to be, and that invite you to feel joy within your heart. She doesn’t believe there is any one particular style of movement for anybody, nor does she believe that there is any one “right” technique for every body. Amanda believes in teaching you how to tune in and listen to what fuels you, what supports you, what invites you to feel and want to express the current of life that makes up every fiber of your being all while decreasing tension and increasing true strength.

Amanda only works with people who are willing to invest in a minimum 3-mo commitment to their movement practice. If you are looking for a quick fix, for one-off sessions, for endless sets and reps in the gym, Amanda is not the right mentor for you.

This practice is very profound and has the potential to change how you view yourself and perceive yourself in this world. Amanda is very passionate about this particular type of movement practice. She only has time to work with people who are committed to taking the steps of movement self-exploration.

 How to Begin

You’ve read through “Before Diving in…”. If you haven’t, scroll up slightly and read it.

If you’re still a “heck yes” to exploring working together, you can schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Amanda now by filling out the contact form below, or by emailing her at amanda@onalimb.org. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your current movement, yoga, and/or therapeutic goals with Amanda as well as determine whether or not you’re the right fit for each other.

movement, yoga, painting, brush, therapeutics, expression, emotions, paint, creation“Movement is a painting in creation — your body the brush, your essence the paint with which you create a masterpiece.”