30-Day Bodyweight Movement Revolution

Join us and one of the most fun and supportive global communities in this inspiring 30-day event!

For 30-min for 30-days, we invite you to explore bodyweight movement and share your experience with us. Let’s spread the word and create a bodyweight movement revolution!

Who can participate? Anyone can and is welcome to! You don’t need to be an athlete or have any prior bodyweight movement skills prior to joining.

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing. No gym membership required, no equipment required, just you and your environment.

What will you get out of this? The opportunity to connect with other fun loving individuals who are willing to express themselves through movement. You’ll be inspired by other people’s journeys and receive encouragement on your own journey. As an added bonus, you may find yourself trying things you’ve never tried before and find yourself connecting to your body in ways that you haven’t yet experienced. You may find yourself having fun with your “workout.” You may even lose a few pounds, gain some muscle, and realize strength you didn’t know you had.

What are the rules? They’re super simple and easy! Head on over and “like” our FB page.

For 30-days, spend 30-minutes participating in some sort of bodyweight movement. At the end of your session, post a photo of yourself doing a bodyweight movement activity that you explored during that time. At the end of each day, post your photo and your progress underneath your original post.

What qualifies as bodyweight movement? Anything you don’t need equipment or weights for (playground structures, rings, paralletes, pull up bars excluded). Some examples would be working on your squat, pistol squat, lunges, push ups and variations, pull ups and variations, mobility work, inversions and hand balancing, acro-yoga, martial arts, tai-chi, to name a few.

Do you have to do the same thing every day? Not at all, though you are more than welcome to. Down the road, we’ll have other events where we’ll invite you to explore a specific skill with us. For now, we want you to have fun playing, exploring, and connecting with this incredible community.

Have fun with it and have fun exploring! I’ll be participating in the event as well, so I’ll see you there.

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