The Gift of Health

It’s that time of year again. Trying to decide what to give loved ones for the holidays. Feeling your stress levels increase while navigating crowded stores, parking space wars, and the onslaught of more, more, more.

If you’re finding yourself run down, stressed, tired, or anxious, or perhaps losing your cool when the young woman or man in the sports car steals the parking spot you’ve been waiting for from right out under your nose (Fried Green Tomatoes anyone?), why not book yourself a massage or a personal training session and learn how to balance movement and stress-reducing quiet-time?

If you’re not sure what to give your loved ones, why not give them the gift of health? We have gift certificates available, applicable to all of our services here at On A Limb. Whether the person you are thinking of is in need of a massage, is looking to relieve pain and learn how to move more efficiently through our movement therapeutics program, wants to learn skill-based bodyweight training, or take the ultimate leap towards health and well-being via our online or in-person holistic lifestyle and inner coaching option, we’re sure to have something for them.

You can purchase a gift certificate here via PayPal, or contact me directly at onalimb.org@gmail.com.

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