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Creating Content – Obligation or Authentic Desire?

content, creating content, obligation, authentic, authentic desire

content, creating content, obligation, authentic, authentic desire

Those of us who are in business often hear that we should post content consistently on a daily basis. Heart-centered entrepreneurs can, at times, find this challenging. Why? I would invite you to consider,

  • What is the intent behind posting?
  • Where is the inspiration, or lack thereof, coming from?
  • Are you posting just to post?
  • Are you posting because you personally feel excited about a topic and know it may be of benefit to your market?

If you are not clear on your intention, why you want to create content, why you want to put yourself out there in the world, or what your message is, you may find yourself confused, uninspired, and dreading the thought of creating content. Likewise, there may be other underlying considerations — are you feeling afraid to create and share content? Do you feel afraid to be seen and heard? Do you fear rejection? Do you fear the fear of being authentically seen as you are? Are you willing to put yourself out there authentically?

Inspiration and “Because”
What is your message? What are you most passionate about? Do you feel inspired? If you’re not clear on your message or your passions, let’s chat. If you are clear on your message, your passion, your purpose, and aren’t feeling afraid to put yourself out there, then where does the occasional (or consistent) lack of inspiration spring from? We all have parents, yes? We have all had teachers, yes? What happens when we’re told to do something for the sake of doing it? Clean your room, wash the dishes, write this paper, read that book, walk the dog, clean the toilet…

Sure, the examples are somewhat cliche, but I have no doubts that somewhere along the line a part of you recalls being told to do something that doesn’t inspire you either because “I said so,” “this is how things are done,” or “that’s just the way it is.” When we hear that, we have a tendency to shut down. The creative artistic flow dams up and we sit there, either unable to create content, or creating content not because we really want to or feel inspired to, but because it’s something we have to do every single day in order to gain a following, reach your audience, connect to people, etc…

Finding your Flow and Following it
What happens when we take a step back, allow ourselves to breathe, and create from inspired action?

We connect.

We connect with our authentic voice, our authentic message, and authentically with our audience. If you don’t believe posting content for the sake of posting content versus moving from the heart and connecting isn’t going to eventually circle back around and come back stinking…think again. People will eventually catch on.

How do we honor our intuitive, creative flow while consistently sharing content?
In my opinion, and that’s all it is, it’s important to listen to your own creative ebbs and flows. When the inspiration is there and flowing — you know what that’s like! Having days where there are so many ideas flowing through you that you just want to write and write and write, or create videos, or projects… — ride the wave. Create that content ahead of time so you have regular, authentic, content to share.

What happens if you don’t feel inspired on a particular day, you don’t feel like you have anything to share that day, or you feel called to do something else? Maybe your focus is on creating product rather than social media content. Listen to it and allow yourself to rest. Maybe you post a quick note, meme, or video about honoring your needs and tying it in to how your clientele can benefit. Maybe you share someone else’s article that day. Or, maybe you break the norm and don’t post anything. Is it the end of the world? No. Jump back in the saddle and giddy-up when you are ready.

Creating content that comes from an authentic desire and creative flow to share vs posting for the sake of putting stuff out there is a bit like training and developing the muscle memory, strength, and coordination to do it. Consistently. Some days or weeks you may find yourself pushing hard in that content-creating gym of yours and discover that your muscles are sore, you are fatigued, and need to rest. Rest up and let your system recover. Then, dive in again. Over time, you will find the right intensity and pace to build, sustain, and support your authentic, content-creating muscles.

This post is a bit different than my usual posts and is targeted towards a different audience than many of my posts. In exploring my authentic content-creation abilities and drive, I discovered that some days the flow is there and I ride those waves until it’s time for bed or there aren’t any more waves to ride.

I also find myself creating more and more short videos that are concise and direct, which I often share on IG and FB…then, drop the ball on posting them here or on my YouTube channel. Yeah, I’m working on that.

Lately, I’ve been very focused and inspired to connect even more deeply with my clients and create some amazing products for all of you. So, is my blog-posting, content-creating muscle over stretched? Sometimes, yes. Other days, no. And, I know myself well enough that the waves will roll in and I will surf like a woman with boundless creative energy.

Despite the “do this, do that” that exists in the business world, I find it’s of primary importance to first listen to myself, my needs, and move from an authentic space. Honestly, if I wasn’t doing that, I wouldn’t be practicing what I offer to teach, and well…that would smell. Unpleasantly.

The exciting news — in addition to some awesome products that I am launching soon, I am bringing this blog and my YouTube channel up to date with all of the juicy content that I have been sharing over social media. If you want to receive regular updates, or be the first to see the new content that is posted, follow me on FB or IG and subscribe to my newsletter.